At Ashley D. Adams, PLC, we have a well-established track record of success that can make a difference, whether in defending charges of white collar crime, health care fraud, financial fraud, general fraud charges, other criminal or civil matters, or representing our clients during a government investigation.



The term “white collar crime” typically refers to business-related financial crimes. Many of these crimes violate federal law and are often charged in federal court by the United States Attorney’s Office or by the Arizona Attorney General’s office in state court. These cases are complex and can involve numerous complicated legal, financial and factual issues. Retaining an experienced criminal defense attorney is absolutely crucial when the force of the government is allied against you.

Our seasoned Phoenix criminal defense attorney possesses the skills and knowledge necessary to provide you with a formidable defense. Ashley D. Adams is among Arizona’s most respected defense lawyers and is on your side no matter your legal challenges. We can be aggressive when necessary but we know that insightful and creative diplomacy is often just as effective. Whatever the situation, we are prepared to adapt accordingly. From stock brokers accused of “pump and dump schemes” to business owners implicated for money laundering, we are prepared to help you. Some of the types of cases we have handled include:

  • Fraud: Accounting, healthcare, mortgage and other types of fraud
  • Administrative Disciplinary Matters involving the ACC, FBI, FTC, IRS, SEC and similar regulators
  • Complex Commercial Litigation
  • False Claims Act / Qui Tam Matters
  • Foreclosure Scams
  • Fraudulent Appraisals
The above represents only a very small sample of the types of cases we handle. We have represented hospitals, physicians, nurses, accountants, attorneys, financial businesses, mortgage bankers, and many others charged with financial crimes from Scottsdale to Tucson. With 20 years of legal experience and education, Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Ashley D. Adams has a stellar reputation for legal excellence in Arizona. As a former prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office, Ms. Adams has investigated numerous fraud and other white collar criminal cases. She now uses that experience to defend your rights.


Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Ashley D. Adams focuses on defending clients charged with nearly every type of criminal offense. Whether you face charges at the federal or state level, Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Ashley D. Adams has the experience and the resources to defend your rights. Whether you have already been charged, are being investigated, or are facing regulatory challenges, we have the experience and resources to protect your freedom, your livelihood and your long-term best interests.

There is a reason that we consistently get referrals from former clients: we offer diplomatic but aggressive legal representation in the most complex cases including federal white collar criminal cases, Arizona drunk driving cases and all types of drug and violent crimes cases. Whether you are being investigated by the FBI, the SEC, local police or are struggling with issues related to the Arizona Corporation Commission, we are prepared to help you.

We are a criminal defense law firm in Phoenix  prepared for any charges you face. Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney Ashley D. Adams, her staff, independent investigators and expert witnesses have vast resources and extensive experience to protect you from prosecution. Some of the cases we handle include

  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Fraud including federal criminal charges related to Medicare fraud
  • Identity theft

We are prepared for any type of case including high-stakes federal white collar criminal cases. We bring the same attention to detail and rigorous defense of our clients’ rights in all the cases we take. Our Phoenix criminal defense attorney knows that your freedom and future may be on the line. Your rights and your long-term best interests will be aggressively defended when you contact Phoenix Defense Lawyer Ashley D. Adams.

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I was facing the overwhelming wrath of the federal government. The only one who stood before me to shield me was Ashley Adams. I was not only impressed with her knowledge of the law but also how she understood perfectly the complicated nuances of my case. God bless you Ashley -you are not only an outstanding lawyer but an excellent human being as well.