At Ashley D. Adams, PLC, we have a well-established track record of success that can make a difference, whether in defending charges of white collar crime, health care fraud, financial fraud, general fraud charges, other criminal or civil matters, or representing our clients during a government investigation.


Ashley D. Adams is the President and CEO of Ashley D. Adams PLC. Ms. Adams specializes in white collar criminal defense cases, representing corporate and individual clients in federal and state criminal trials, investigations, health care qui tam cases, and regulatory and administrative matters.  Ms. Adams is a former United States Assistant Attorney, and a former partner of the law firms of The Phoenix Law Group, and O’Connor Cavanagh.  She received her J.D. from Arizona State University in 1991 and her undergraduate degree from the University of Oklahoma in 1988.  Ms. Adams currently serves as the American Bar Association’s co-chair for the Southwest Region’s Subcommittee on White Collar Crime, and is a member of the ABA’s Heath Care Fraud Subcommittee.  She also has been selected as one of “Arizona’s Best Lawyers” and “Southwest’s Super Lawyers” Since 2010.  Ms. Adams was recently selected to be a member of “Arizona’s Finest Lawyers”, and by National Trial Lawyers as one of the “Top 100” in Criminal Defense.



At Ashley D. Adams, PLC, each client is given personal attention and aggressive representation. Don’t get lost in a big firm where you may be treated like a number. You deserve one-on-one attention by a seasoned managing partner who is an experienced defense lawyer.

Whether you face government or civil charges, early and creative trial strategy designed and executed by a proven law firm can help achieve the most ideal result. Ashley D. Adams, PLC has a history of success and a skill set that can make a difference, whether defending white-collar criminal charges, government investigations, fraud charges, corporate litigation, health care fraud, or even DUI and other criminal charges.

The defense model of Ashley D. Adams, PLC differs from many law firms because we accept a select number of cases each year and dedicate a cohesive team of legal experts, investigators and outside consultants to each case. Each case is a priority. The team is led by the firm’s principal partner, Ashley D. Adams, who founded the firm with the goal of attaining excellence in the field of criminal defense.


When it comes to criminal defense, the best defense truly is a strong offense. While many criminal cases are resolved before trial, in either a dismissal or favorable plea settlement, it is fundamental that every case be treated from the outset as a case that will go to trial. Diligent and aggressive preparation for trial means a higher probability of securing dismissals or plea deals that do not require prison time. Whether you go to trial or accept a plea, it is your decision – every time. Your criminal defense lawyer must also know what the best possible plea deal is in your case so they can help you pursue it, should that be your best option. 

If you have been questioned or have any inclination that legal advice may be needed, seek legal guidance sooner rather than later. For a consultation about your case and the legal ramifications facing you, contact Ashley D. Adams today.