Asking Investors to Pay A Fee Upfront & Advance Fee Fraud

Asking Investors to Pay A Fee Upfront & Advance Fee Fraud

The FBI states that an advance fee scheme occurs “when the victim pays money to someone in anticipation of receiving something of greater value – such as a loan, contract, investment, or gift – and then receives little or nothing in return.”

An advance fee fraud scheme could be carried out in a number of ways. It could involve the sale of products or services, the offering of investments, lottery winnings, found money, an offer for participation in a “special deal” after an advance fee is paid, or many other “opportunities.” However, simply because a business deal requires investors to pay an upfront fee does not make it a fraud scheme.

Intent to Defraud

In an advance fee fraud case, the prosecution must prove intent to defraud and to deprive a person of their money. Though, it can be difficult to prove intent. Asking investors to pay a fee upfront, or even a finder’s fee, is not illegal. Advance fee fraud occurs when false promises are made to entice a person into paying a fee upfront, with no intention of providing anything of value in return. A business deal requiring an upfront fee, resulting in investors receiving little or nothing in return due to a bad investment, bad luck, or some other innocuous circumstance, does not amount to fraud.

Defending Against Charges of Advance Fee Fraud

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