Arizona Cracks Down on Financial Fraud Against Seniors

Arizona Cracks Down on Financial Fraud Against Seniors

Arizona has long been a favored destination for retirees. An influx of people to Phoenix metropolitan area has made Maricopa County the fastest growing county in the country. Many of the 74,000 people who moved to Maricopa County in 2017 were seniors. Our large population of older Americans makes Arizona a prime target for elder scams and financial abuse.

Financial Fraud Against Seniors

Fraud schemes against seniors include a variety of crimes, such as telemarketing fraud, phone scams, reverse mortgage fraud, romance scams, IRS imposter schemes, affinity fraud schemes, and investment frauds. All financial fraud schemes against seniors hinge on the common goal to deceive senior citizens into turning over their money or other assets.

Nationally representative studies show that nearly 10 percent of seniors experience some form of financial fraud or exploitation each year. Further, some elder abuse experts assert that financial exploitation is the most prevalent form of elder abuse.

The perpetrators are sometimes opportunistic strangers taking advantage of a senior. And often perpetrators are people the victim should have been able to trust, like family members, caregivers, financial advisors, attorneys, and others who have a personal relationship with the senior.

For example, a family member who wants access to money may attempt to put their loved one in a nursing home that he or she does not belong in. Or, a financial advisor may commit securities fraud against a senior by selling a bogus security.

Arizona Cracks Down on Financial Fraud Against Seniors

Arizona defines financial abuse against seniors as, “the illegal or improper use of a vulnerable adult or his/her financial resources for another’s profit or advantage.” The Arizona Attorney General’s website provides the following examples of financial fraud against a senior: the taking of money or property, forging a signature, getting a senior to sign a deed, will or power of attorney through deception, coercion or exerting undue influence, or illegally or improperly adding names to bank accounts or safety deposit boxes.

The Arizona Task Force Against Senior Abuse (TASA) is an Advisory Board of public and private organizations established by the Attorney General. TASA is dedicated to the protection of Arizona’s seniors and to raise awareness to prevent and report senior exploitation.

Law enforcement agencies in Arizona are pursuing cases involving financial fraud against seniors. In their zeal to investigate and prosecute these types of crimes, officials may unfairly target individuals. Criminal charges for fraud, especially if allegedly perpetrated against seniors, are prosecuted aggressively at the state and federal level.

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