Compliance with Government Contracts When Doing Business with the Federal Government

Compliance with Government Contracts When Doing Business with the Federal Government

The federal government contracts with hundreds of private entities to help complete projects, manage programs, and aid in carrying out the functions of government. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services alone spends nearly $5 billion annually on contractual services and supplies.

When doing business with the federal government it is critical to have a solid compliance plan in place to ensure that your company complies with all pertinent federal regulations and the terms of the contract. The government has the power to prosecute a corporation and impose punitive fines, penalties, restrictions, and ongoing oversight and reporting requirements. Staying pro-active in your approach to compliance helps manage risks that come with doing business with the federal government.

Compliance issues in government contracts can arise in many ways and during various stages of bidding and contract performance. Our firm represents corporate clients in cases involving the following matters:

  • Claims concerning Federal Acquisition Regulation, which regulates the purchasing of goods and services by the government.
  • Disputes involving GSA Schedule Contracts, including issues with the negotiated prices, delivery terms, warranties, and other contractual terms and conditions.
  • Representation during award audits and investigations into Federal Supply Schedules contracts.
  • Contractual issues involving the VA Federal Supply Schedule Program.
  • Compliance concerns with a contract under the Women-Owned Small Business Program.
  • Addressing organization conflicts of interest issues arising out of government programs.
  • Assistance in responding to questions regarding incurred cost submissions and other compliance questions.
  • Bid protests, which challenges the award of a contract for the procurement of goods and services, or is a challenge to the terms of a solicitation for such a contract.
  • Responding to a show-cause notice, a suspension or debarment letter, or other notices from the Suspension and Debarment Division.

We are prepared to represent corporations and other business entities in any matter involving a government claim and contractual compliance issues with the federal government, the state of Arizona, and local governments in Arizona.

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