Corporate Criminal Defense

Corporate Criminal Defense

While the government cannot put a corporation in prison, it can prosecute a corporation and potentially impose punitive fines, penalties, restrictions, and ongoing oversight and reporting requirements. Such punitive measures can cripple a corporation – from a decrease in value and falling stock prices to negative public perception, and potentially an inability to conduct its business operations.

The fact is that corporations are multifaceted, large organizations, and unwittingly running afoul on government regulations can happen in many ways. A corporation facing prosecution, or even under heightened government scrutiny, needs an experienced corporate criminal defense attorney. A knowledgeable advocate with an insider’s understanding of prosecutorial methods and a proven track record of success can help ensure the best outcome in the case or investigation against a corporation. Former fraud prosecutor, Ashley D. Adams is the corporate criminal defense attorney for your corporation.

Corporate Criminal Defense

Corporations, and individuals involved with the corporation, may face allegations of fraud and other violations. Allegations can range a broad spectrum of criminal activity, such as health care fraud, Medicare or Medicaid fraud, securities law violations, trade fraud, RICO Act charges, offenses relating to the environment, fraud involving government contracts, and other allegations of business-related offenses.

There are options available to corporate entities to resolve allegations of wrongdoing. For example, a non-prosecution agreement or deferred prosecution agreement can resolve a corporate criminal case by means other than conviction.

A non-prosecution agreement (NPA) is an agreement between a prosecutor and a corporation to avoid prosecution so long as certain conditions are met. In an NPA the corporation agrees to cooperate with the government and take remedial actions to correct its alleged wrongdoing.

A deferred prosecution agreement (DPA) can suspend prosecution so long as specified conditions are met. The requirements of a DPA could include paying fines, implementing corporate reforms, and cooperating with the investigation.

An experienced white collar corporate criminal defense attorney can help negotiate the most favorable NPA or DPA terms for a corporation. Once the requirements of a NPA or DPA are met, then indictment will be avoided or criminal charges will be dropped. Though many corporations have teams of in-house lawyers, few of them have white collar criminal defense experience. If your corporation is facing government criminal prosecution, is critical to hire an experienced, knowledgeable corporate defense attorney to advocate for the corporation’s rights and shield shareholders, directors, and employees.

Corporate Criminal Defense Attorney

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