Fraud Schemes in Online Investment Newsletters

Fraud Schemes in Online Investment Newsletters

Online investment newsletters often share valuable information about investing, however sometimes these newsletters are used as tools for fraud. It is legal for companies to pay online investment newsletters to recommend their stocks, so long as the newsletter discloses certain information about the paid advertisement.

A fraud scheme in an online investment newsletter involves the newsletter’s creator lying or misleading readers about the payments received from companies whose stock they recommend. For example, a fraudulent investment newsletter may claim to offer an independent analysis of the stock it’s recommending, but in reality it is being paid to make the recommendation and is profiting from the missing or fraudulent information.

Federal securities laws require that the investment newsletters disclose specifically:

  • Who paid them for making the stock recommendation.
  • The amount paid.
  • The type of payment that was made (cash, stock, or something else of value).

It is not sufficient for an online investment newsletter to state something to the effect of “our Newsletter receives fees from the companies we write about in our newsletter,” or “our newsletter may receives compensation form companies we write about.” In the absence of the above listed disclosures, the newsletter may be in violation of federal law and could potentially become the subject of an investigation for fraud.

Individuals and companies who publish online investment newsletters must be careful not to run afoul of federal securities laws. Particularly if they are publishing articles written by third-parties. In some instances fraudulent online investment newsletters have appeared on legitimate, well-known websites. Sharing an opinion on what stock to invest in based on a reasonable independent analysis is legitimate, but touting stocks after being paid to recommend them requires specific disclosures.

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