If You Are Charged with Fraud

If You Are Charged with Fraud

If you are charged with fraud your freedom is on the line. Fraud charges are serious and conviction can come with harsh penalties, including fines and imprisonment.  If you have been charged with fraud or another white collar crime, you need an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney.

Fraud is the act of attempting to defraud someone, the deliberate deception for the purpose of obtaining an unfair or unlawful gain.

Fraud and other white collar crimes are a highly specialized area of law. There are a number of federal and state crimes that are considered fraud. Examples include: bank fraud, health care fraud, telemarketing fraud, insurance fraud, mortgage fraud, and investment related scams.

Understand the charges against you.

A white collar criminal defense attorney can help you understand the nature of the charges against you. For example, if you are charged with fraud there are a number of elements the prosecution must prove to secure a conviction. It is important that you understand what the prosecutor must prove in the case against you.

Understand the terms of a plea bargain before agreeing to it.

A criminal defense attorney can also help you understand any plea bargain that is offered to you by the prosecution. She can also help you negotiate more favorable terms of a plea bargain, or help get a reduced sentence.

Successfully defend against fraud charges.

Your white collar criminal defense attorney will obtain and examine pertinent records and determine how they might be used as part of your legal defense strategy. Obtaining the necessary records often requires discovery motions to compel the prosecution, employers, banks, or other entities to turn over their records.

Mounting a strong defense against fraud charges requires specialized skills. Prosecutors do not pursue fraud charges unless they believe they have enough evidence to prove the elements of the crime in a trial. You need an attorney who understands the tactics and procedures the government will use to obtain a conviction. You need an attorney who can combat aggressive prosecutors. Ashley D. Adams is that attorney.

As a former health care fraud prosecutor with the United States Attorney’s Office, Ashley D. Adams understands the government’s tactics and knows how to establish the best possible defense for your case. Even if you are confident that your actions were lawful, we strongly urge you to seek the help of an attorney.

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