What To Do If You Are Contacted By Law Enforcement Investigating A White Collar Crime

What To Do If You Are Contacted By Law Enforcement Investigating A White Collar Crime

Federal and state law enforcement agents are known for visiting individuals who they suspect are involved in white collar crimes. They may drop in on you at work or at home. The visits are typically unannounced because they want to use the element of surprise to their advantage. The idea is that a person caught off guard and unprepared for questioning is more likely to provide information or evidence that can later be used against them.

If you are approached by a law enforcement agent investigating you for a white collar crime it is critical that you protect your rights and avoid saying or doing things that could later be used against you.

Politely and firmly decline to talk to the agents.

You have the right to decline to be interviewed. You do not have speak to federal or state law enforcement agents who show up at your door.

We strongly encourage you to politely decline to talk to the agents and contact a white collar criminal defense attorney immediately.

Do not willfully submit to a search.

You do not have the right to resist a search if the law enforcement agents have a search warrant; however, if you are asked to willingly submit to a search of your home we encourage you to politely decline. In general, you have the right to refuse a search of your property or vehicle in the absence of a search warrant.

Contact an attorney.

You have the right to an attorney at any stage of an investigation, interrogation, and legal proceeding. Exercise this right.

Law enforcement agents are fishing for evidence. Even if you are confident you have done nothing wrong, we urge you to always have an attorney present during any questioning by law enforcement agents. Your words can be twisted or used out of context. You may inadvertently make statements that appear incriminating or unintentionally waive your constitutional rights. Have an experienced white collar criminal defense attorney by your side to protect you.

Hire A Former White Collar Crime Prosecutor to Defend You

Ashley D. Adams is a former fraud prosecutor. As an Assistant United States Attorney she prosecuted complex white collar crime matters. This experience makes Ms. Adams an excellent defense attorney. She understands the government tactics and knows how to dismantle the prosecution’s case against you.

There is no white collar criminal case that is too complex or too challenging for us. No matter how difficult your case may appear, contact Ashley D. Adams, PLC for the legal protection you need. Contact us on the web or call (480) 219-1366 for a consultation and case evaluation.

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