Prime Note Bank Fraud Defense

Prime Note Bank Fraud Defense

Prime note bank fraud is a financial scam and a white collar crime that is complex and may involve state, federal, and even international law enforcement agencies.

Prime Note Bank Fraud Defined

Prime note bank schemes “often claim investors’ funds will be used to purchase and trade ‘prime bank’ financial instruments on clandestine overseas markets in order to generate huge returns in which the investor will share.” However, neither the bank notes nor the trade market actually exist. This type of scheme is likely to include documents that appear official, complex, and sophisticated.

The person carrying out the fraud scheme claims to have access to prime notes that they can buy at a discount and sell at a premium. For example, in a prime note bank fraud case a person may be accused of creating a fictitious financial instrument involving an off-short account or foreign bank and promising investors a huge return on a low risk investment.

Prime note bank fraud has attracted significant international attention. These fraud schemes may also be called prime bank investment fraud, prime bank guarantees, high-yield trading, discounted U.S. Treasury Securities, or international monetary fund backed securities.

Prime Note Bank Fraud Defense

Prime note bank fraud is a serious offense which can result in devastating penalties, including heavy fines, damages to your career and reputation, prison time and other consequences. The key to an effective defense is often using the opportunity to investigate the charges and evaluate the evidence against you as early as possible.

The attorneys at Ashley D. Adams, PLC will use their extensive fraud defense experience and skill to have the most serious charges reduced or dismissed if possible.

Being investigated or charged with a crime does not mean you are guilty of it. Allegations against you must be proven and we know how to challenge the prosecution’s case against you.

  • The evidence against you may have been gathered illegally.
  • You may have been entrapped.
  • Appropriate warrants may not have been obtained.
  • You may be the victim of mistaken identity.
  • An investor may have a personal vendetta against you.

When we represent you, we will analyze and evaluate each detail of your case looking for ways that show you are not guilty of prime note bank fraud. Our firm is highly-respected in Arizona for our ability to handle complex cases and defend our clients against the most aggressive prosecutors.

To protect your rights if you have been charged with prime note bank fraud or are currently under investigation, reach out to an Arizona law firm that has the experience and resources that you need on your side.

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