How Are Shell Companies Used in Fraud Schemes?

How Are Shell Companies Used in Fraud Schemes?

A shell company is a business entity that has no significant assets, no ongoing business activities, offers no products or services, and typically has no employees and no physical presence other than a mailing address. Shell companies may be formed for the purpose of carrying out legitimate transactions, such as asset transfers or corporate mergers, acquisitions, or reorganizations. A shell company may be used to conceal the true identity of the real company operating through the shell.

Shell companies are not illegal by nature; however, shells can be used in a number of fraudulent schemes.

How Are Shell Companies Used in Fraud Schemes?

Shell company fraud schemes can range from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars in fraudulent dealings. A shell company fraud scheme may involve:

  • Within a company’s accounts payable accounting entries a shell company may be used to conceal bribery payments or to steal millions of dollars from the company.
  • A shell company may be used to shield identities, hide money, to launder money, or to conceal fraudulent conveyances.
  • A company’s employee may create a shell company for the purpose of misappropriating company assets. This type of scheme may involve fake vendors or fraudulent billings involving real vendors.
  • A shell company fraud scheme can involve false billing, including paying for goods or services that were never delivered or provided. A shell company fraud scheme may also provide the goods or services at a massive mark-up as the billing passing through the shell.
  • Often a shell company fraud scheme will have co-conspirators – multiple people, whether employees or third parties, working together to execute the scheme.


The perpetrators of a shell company fraud scheme may rent an office and hire employees to provide the illusion of a legitimate business entity.

White Collar Prosecution of Fraud

Law enforcement agencies and prosecutors know what red-flags to look for when investigating alleged fraud by a shell company. These sort of fraud schemes are prosecuted aggressively. If you are under investigation for, or have been charged with, fraud involving the use of a shell company then you need to hire a white collar criminal defense attorney immediately.

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