Domestic Violence


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Charged with Domestic Violence in Phoenix? Call Now. 

Phoenix Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Ashley D. Adams is a highly experienced Arizona criminal defense attorney. Clients throughout the Phoenix area who are accused of abusing or harassing their spouses, ex-spouses, girlfriends, boyfriends and/or children call upon Ashley D. Adams because she knows the law and she gets results. If you need rigorous criminal defense against domestic violence charges, call 480-219-1366 for a consultation with a highly successful Phoenix criminal defense attorney.  

These cases do not always involve spouses but, often, false domestic violence charges may involve divorce and child custody issues. In these cases especially, we know that you are counting on a Phoenix domestic violence defense attorney to protect your rights. Making false accusations of family violence or abuse is an easy and often effective way to gain an advantage in a domestic problem, custody dispute or divorce negotiation. We know how to protect your rights in such circumstances and we are also highly skilled at defending clients facing felony abuse charges after repeated arrests. In such cases, our clients know they can turn to us for support and protection. 

Why do I Need an Attorney? 

If you have been charged with domestic violence, never try to fix the problem yourself. Further contact with the victim will usually make matters worse and could lead to additional charges. If there is already an order of protection restricting your liberty, do not violate the order. However, if you have been accused of violating a court order, call us now. Though we are prepared to represent you no matter how serious your situation, if you face the prospect of a long jail sentence and substantial fines, you are particularly encouraged to call on us for your defense.  Let Phoenix Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Ashley D. Adams provide you with the defense you need and deserve. 

Domestic violence is the occurrence of a crime between people who have a “family” relationship. Most people think of domestic violence as violence between a husband and wife but this is not always the case when domestic violence charges are involved. Although the majority of cases are between spouses, the legal definition is much broader. Arizona’s domestic violence law applies to partners, former partners, people who are dating, people who are living together, and all relatives including grandparents. There is also a general misconception that physical assault, such as hitting, has to occur. Physical contact does not need to occur for domestic violence charges to be filed. A threatening remark, email, text or other offensive contact can be enough.


Many actions can be designated as domestic violence in Arizona. Examples include any of the following:

  • physical violence / assault
  • criminal damage (damaging any property that has value)
  • violation of a protective order (violating a restraining order by in-person contact, calling, e-mailing, texting, etc.)
  • emotional abuse (verbal abuse, including name calling, threats, intimidation, isolation, etc.)
  • stalking
  • harassment
  • custodial interference
  • trespassing
  • false imprisonment

Charges may be added to other penal code violations to make penalties even more severe. If an alleged abuser has been charged and convicted of abuse before, they may also face significant additional penalties. But, in many cases, an effective Arizona criminal defense lawyer can have charges dropped before a trial is necessary. Even when there is strong evidence of guilt, an experienced Phoenix domestic violence defense attorney can have charges significantly reduced and help the accused avoid catastrophic penalties.