Happy Thanks giving from Ashley D. Adams, PLC

Every year, around this time, I try to take a few minutes to sit down and write down the list of all of the things for which I am thankful. As I was writing my list this morning, my mind continued to drift back to our fallen brothers and sisters in Paris. While I too am saddened and angered by this tragedy, I am drawn to the emerging international solidarity. I was amazed by all of the postings on social media bearing the French flag as the background, and all of the pictures people shared of their memories from trips to Paris. Gene, Maddie and I have had the pleasure of experiencing many of the joys of Paris, including biking around the Tuileries Gardens, and having a picnic underneath the lights of the Eifel Tower. Paris is the City of Lights, the City of Culture, and most important, the City of Love. So many, not knowing what to do, took solace in sharing their stories and photos.

I am in awe of the acts of defiance and courage that occurred during those fateful moments. An Eagles of Death Metal band member, who was playing just before shots were fired in the Bataclan Theater, noted in an interview that many more would have lived had they not refused to leave their wounded friends’ sides. I am humbled by the acts of grace and kindness which have resulted from such a terrible, terrible, moment in our history. Parisians opened their homes to families of the wounded, and stranded survivors. A street musician came to the theater after the massacre and started playing “Imagine” by John Lennon. There are thousands and thousands of accounts like this that should renew all of our faith in humanity. These events remind us all, however, that life is short. Every moment that we have here, together, is a gift. We must cherish every day, and make the most of our limited time on this Earth.

On this Thanksgiving Day, put down your phones, computers, and the XBox controllers (I am the WORST offender.) Sit around the table, and tell stories. Watch the Macy’s Day parade (a family favorite of ours.) Play some board games, or maybe a little bit of flag football. Tell your loved ones how grateful you are that they are with you. Most importantly, cherish your time together.

We here at Ashley D. Adams PLC are grateful for your referrals, your business, and the opportunity to serve your legal needs for the last six years. We wish you and yours a very happy and safe Thanksgiving.