The Season to be Thankful and the Number 11

During the holidays, like so many families, my family and I always like to take time out to talk about those things for which we are thankful. (Yes, it usually involves a long table, a lot of food, and some decent wine.) As I was writing down my list, it dawned on me that the Number “11” has always been a significant part of our lives in one way or another. My father wore Number 11 when he played running back for the University of Oklahoma. My daughter, her soccer team’s goalie, will proudly wear the same number in the season ending tournament tonight. The street address for my grandfather’s and uncle’s criminal defense law practice in McClain County, Oklahoma was “1111.” When my grandmother died at 11:11 a.m., my Mom knew that our Mimi was at peace. Of course, we are also HUGE Larry Fitzgerald fans.

The spiritual meaning of Number Eleven, I read on some astrology site, means “new beginnings and purity,” which was particularly ironic to me. Such number can also mean “a vibrational frequency of balance.” To us, the number “1111” represents the Four Pillars of our very foundation. Family, Friends, Forgiveness, and Freedom. The first two go without saying. I have learned, especially in my line of work, that Forgiveness, while often difficult, is an attribute of the strong, not the weak. As Alexander Pope once said, “To err it human, to forgive, divine.” Sometimes, good people do bad things. Of course, there are bad people that do bad things, but most of my clients are regular people that make stupid mistakes–mistakes for which they are punished, and for which they most often deserve to be forgiven. Of course, forgiveness goes hand in hand with faith. Whatever you are celebrating this holiday season, take time to call someone you know, who might need your forgiveness or you theirs.

Finally, as you can imagine, Freedom is a big deal around this house. My outside floor mat reads “Come Back with a Warrant.” A copy of the Miranda Rights hangs on the kitchen bulletin board. I am so thankful that our Founding Fathers had the amazing insight to create our Constitutional rights, which have, for centuries, preserved our most precious freedoms–Freedoms, the extent of which, we will continue to debate, as which we are thankfully Free to do!!! Our soldiers fight to preserve our Freedoms. When you see a soldier this holiday season, stop him, shake his hand, and say, “Thank you for serving our country.” Maddie does it every time she she a soldier now, and it makes me very proud.

I am thankful for so many things. We here at the firm thank you for allowing us to serve you and the community. When you are sitting around the fire with family and eggnog, write down 11 things for which you are thankful! I promise, the list will grow. (I guess it is not by chance that I was born in November….)

Happy Holidays to you and your families from all of us here at Ashley D. Adams, PLC.