Prime Note Bank Fraud


At Ashley D. Adams, PLC, we have a well-established track record of success that can make a difference, whether in defending charges of white collar crime, health care fraud, financial fraud, general fraud charges, other criminal or civil matters, or representing our clients during a government investigation.

Arizona Prime Note Bank Fraud Defense Attorney

Lawyers for Charges Involving Fictitious Financial Instruments and Off-Shore Accounts

If you have been accused of trying to mislead an investor in Arizona by telling them you had access to prime notes or bank only investments, aggressive investigators may be allied against you. You may be accused of creating a fictitious financial instrument involving an off-shore account or foreign bank. Someone may claim that you promised a huge return on a low risk investment. If you face criminal charges related to prime note bank fraud, you need rigorous and experienced criminal defense.

Since so many financial crimes go undetected, when government agents believe they have a suspect, they may be relentless in their pursuit of punishment. This may be especially true if the alleged financial scheme involves the Internet. State and federal agents fear that the world of online crime may be spinning out of their control.  In their zeal to show they are serious about cracking down, this may lead to abuse of the constitutional rights of the accused.

To protect your rights if you have been accused or arrested for prime note bank fraud, reach out to an Arizona law firm that has the depth of experience and resources that you need on your side. Our firm is highly-respected in Arizona for our ability to handle some of the most complex cases and defend our clients against the most aggressive prosecutors.

Contact a Skilled Attorney to Challenge the Prosecution’s Case  

Prime note bank fraud is a complex charge and may involve state, federal and even international law enforcement agencies. The penalties may be severe. To minimize the risk of conviction, contact a skilled attorney focused on white collar criminal defense. We will use all of our skill and resources to challenge the prosecution’s case against you.

  • The evidence against you may have been gathered illegally.
  • You may have been entrapped.
  • Appropriate warrants may not have been obtained.
  • You may be the victim of mistaken identity.
  • An investor may have a personal vendetta against you.

When we represent you, we will analyze and evaluate each detail of your case looking for ways that show you are not guilty of fraud. Making false claims to investors in a get rich quick scheme is a serious crime but that does not mean you are guilty of it. Allegations must be proven and we know how to combat the case against you. As we have been doing for many years, we aggressively represent our clients’ rights. We may be able to have your charges dropped, your case dismissed, or your charges significantly reduced.

With Arizona White Collar Criminal Defense Lawyer Ashley D. Adams as your attorney, you will have deep legal knowledge, practical courtroom experience, and tenacious commitment to the constitution on your side. Your case may involve allegations involving off-shore bank accounts, Internet fraud charges, international banking conspiracy accusations, and even financial abuse of the elderly charges. Obtain serious protection for the serious charges you face.

No matter the evidence compiled against you, no matter how formidable the law enforcement agency, and no matter the complexity of your case, we may be the defenders you need. Call us for a free and confidential consultation as soon as possible.